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Would like to start off with saying hello to everyone here as this is my first post.

This is pretty confusing problem to me so I'll try to be as specific as possible.

Recently picked up a 76' 280z from southern Cali. Drove from Texas to get it, and trailered it back. Immediately the alternator went bad on me and was no longer charging the car, picked up a remanufactured unit from orileys and put it in. Car was then running and charging just fine, drove around town for about an hour just to get a feel for the car as it was still new to me. Although I noticed while cruising the volt meter was showing very high, touching 16. Did not think too much of it as it was not constant. Come home and park the car over night. Start the car in the morning and now none of my gauges are working along with my turn signals and key chime. Also come to find the alternator is no longer charging once again.

Check the fuses and see that the "Fuel gauge" fuse is blown. Throw in another fuse and blows instantly.. fun. Back to the alternator, I figured it could be the external regulator. I followed a pretty detailed guide on swapping in an internally regulated alternator out of a 280zx in the Z and got it in the car. Started up the car and saw 14.5 across the battery, right on the money. Turned the car off and was then concerned on figuring out why the gauge fuse blew. Fuse will blow instantly with just the key on run. Traced a ton of wire, cleaned some connections, checked links under the hood. The "ignition switch" and "Alternator & ignition" relay links look pretty busted, but from what I tested they were still working as intended.

Started the car again to check fuse, blew instantly once again... along with my alternator not charging... once again.

I'm seriously so confused, electrical is not my specialty and any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. Would love to be able to drive this car.
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