Price is negotiable I had to put something I have a nice 76 z I have decided to let go of. Last it was on the road was around 1996. It’s very clean and was restored in the mid 80s with all Datsun parts supplied by Habberstad Nissan BMW. The fuel tank is intact but needs to be restored with a corrosion bath and seal. The car ran fine though the injectors are going to need servicing. I was as many do planned on getting it going again but I had major spine surgery in 2014 which left me not the same fast forward I still plan on restoring the tank but here we go again another spine surgery next month. So I’m throwing it out there for anyone interested. Depending on what I’m offered will dictate if I keep it and fix it my self. It’s a beautiful mostly rust free z in silver. Interested parties can have it examined I could possibly hook up a tank to hear it run. It has the original radiator which holds it’s fluid but it’s old and I d recommend either restore or replace. Restored would be better obviously better value. Car is 100 percent bone stock.