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Greeting all. After several inquiries about using my current breaker plate rebuild kit for 1979 to 1983 cars on pre-1979 cars, I reassembled my design team and have come up with a better design for the plastic bearing retainer that is found in the Datsun 260z and 280z distributors from 1974 to 1978. The earliest distributor I have is a 1974 and it is an electronic pickup distributor. I do not own a pre-1979 Datsun car or truck but I have picked up extra distributors as I find them in my local scrap yard. I DO NOT know when Datsun changed from points to electronic pickup in their distributors but since I have a 1974 Datsun 260z distributor, I assume that all 1974 260z cars are electronic pickup, but I may be wrong. So, what I do know is that my bearing retainer will fit ELECTRONIC pickup Datsun 260z and 280z distributors from 1974 to 1978. As I find out more, I will update the post.
With the new updated design of the bearing retainer, a small modification will have to be made on one or two of the breaker plate screws. Once you have taken the breaker plate apart to verify that you need a new bearing retainer take a look at the bottom of the top half of the plate. Any screw that extends below the surface will have to be ground down. You can see in my pictures the one screw that I did grind down. If you don’t want to do any grinding you can always source out a new shorter screw or two, your choice. I do have a 1978 dual electronic pickup distributor that has 2 screws that extend below the bottom of the top plate. Other than that, just pay attention to how the plate is assembled when you take it apart.

One thing that I have learned is that the snap ring that holds the two halves together can be a real pain in the fingers to get back in the correct place. After trying to get one back together for an hour, a question came into my head. Why am I making this so hard? Why am I fighting to put this back together with the ball bearing in the lower (spring metal) retainer? Why not reassemble the plate with the ball bearings out and install the balls after the spring clip is back in place! So that is what I did and it works great. No more fighting that snap ring for me. The lower bearing retainer is spring metal and will flex enough to get the bearing into the correct place. SOOOOOOO much easier.

If you need a new retainer and bearings you can just email or text me. [email protected] or seven zero one-471-fifteen thirtyfour. The price will be 30.00 for a new retainer and 6 new correct size bearings. Price includes shipping to the lower 48 USA. Part is located in North Dakota and my name is Craig. If you are not in the US, I can get a shipping quote for you if you send me your full shipping address. I have sent several overseas and the longest it has taken is 6 weeks. This is mainly due to US customs, so plan ahead before the Zcar driving season.

This retainer is made out of the exact same hi-temp ABS that is used on my 79-83 retainer but I used red to tell them apart.
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Here is the picture of the one screw that I had to grind off for the new design to work without interference.
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And after grinding off the screw.
Nothing can extend below the plate (plate is upside down)
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