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Year: 1972
Model: 240Z
Trans: manual
Color: orange/cream
Mileage: 137k IIRC
Description: mostly original, includes dash cap, car cover, repair manuals

Asking price: $25,000
Name: Betsy Brown
Phone: 541 480 7748 cell
Email: betsy at expecon dot net
City/State/Country: Bend Oregon

I am selling my 1972 Datsun 240Z a mostly original vehicle.

I have owned it about 25 years, used it for a daily driver about 10 years, but have not driven it in 10 years. It is not really a “barn find” and has been stored covered in our garage at all times. I am ready to let it go because I inherited other vehicles and no longer want to keep this one. My daily driver now is a 1994 Honda Del Sol that I find to be as fun as the Z and slightly more practical for me.

Based on this barn find discussion, Barn Find...need advice there would be a lot involved in bringing it back to drivable condition.

I do not really want to get it ready to test drive and place an ad on Craigslist or similar. I also don't want to place it on an auction site. My preference is for a buyer to put it on a trailer and take it away. If I were the buyer, that would be my preference too. Thus, there will be no starting or test driving at this point. If it does not sell in 14 days, then I will trailer it to my local mechanic to bring it back to driving condition and offer it for sale again as an auction or price to cover my costs. Of course, that process could make me want to keep it forever. It is the car I most wanted in high school and took me awhile to find the one, but at 60 I can let it go.

A few more details: we are in the dry part of the Oregon High Desert which means very little rust. It is orange (repainted original color by a since retired local craftsman who also re-chromed the bumpers), cream interior in pretty good shape but for the typical blemishes. I never did any modifications.

Contact me by phone or email if you have advice or questions.

betsy at expecon dot net


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