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> How difficult is it to remove and refurbish
> the gas tank from my 71Z? Can this be done
> in a home garage working under the car? What
> parts will I need for the reinstall?

It's not that difficult to remove the gas tank. Get a Haynes Manual or Factory Service Manual to work as your guide. Here are the basic steps, though.
Run the gas tank near empty. You'll have to drain it. The drain plug is at the bottom of the tank.
If you can reach the vent hoses, disconnect them.
Loosen the tank straps, but have something underneath to support the weight of the tank.
Open the access panel in the back of the right rear fenderwell to gain access to the filler hose connection. (I had to take off the wheel to work in that area.
Disconnect the fuel sender gauge wires and the fuel lines.

I think that's all. Take the opportunity to replace all of the vent hoses. They are probably old and rotten. You can use regular hose or the specific replacement hoses. It's your budget.

Good luck and have fun.
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