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I have read many many threads on Brake Booster/Vac upgrades for Z30' here and hybrid Z. Most write-ups are later 240's 71/72/73. Very few on 1970 240Z's and I know there is a difference in the brake boosters. All discuss the merits of the upgrade and the experience after they did the upgrade. I have read several threads on the the 280ZX booster upgrade and they talk about adjusting the rod to get a tighter feel. But I have not found any that give a good upgrade recommendation and options and most importantly, step-by-step instructions on actually how to upgrade/install the booster like what to cut/what to shorten, what o modify what to watch out for, etc. I know this upgrade is as old as dirt and I suspect the there are some great early writ-up this this. I just can't seem to find them.

I'm almost done with my suspension/brake upgrade on my 70 240 and this is the last component before I start to dial in the car.

Current upgrades include:

[*] T3 (Techno Tuning Toys) front and rear coil overs/Koni 5-way
[*] Toyota S12 front calipers and vented disc
[*] 240Sx rear calipers and associated disc
[*] 300ZXT CV halfshafts with MM shortened shafts
[*] R200 Dif with needed 280Z drop down/Mustache, etc
[*] All new Poly bushings front and rear
[*] Braided Brake lines
[*] 15/16 Brace MC

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