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1970 240z Find

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this baby has been sitting in my Wifes parents next door neighbors garage for 13 years, and I just happened to see it 2 weeks ago while they were closing the garage in the corner of my eye. I just had to have it. So, i went over there yesterday, made an offer and it took about 2 hours to get her running. Shes running smooth, but has flat spots on the brand new tires ( 8 years old ) and a bad shock, not bad for sitting that long. She only has two small spots of rot, went over the whole car and only found light surface rust. The previous owner put in new brakes and front rotors, all new exhaust system, and a few engine changes.

Production Date:
Registered as a 1971
Engine L24019059

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Nice find. Wish I could get so lucky, I'm looking for one currently.
got her for only 700 bucks :), got supper lucky. Ive been going over to her parents house for about 6-7 years now and i never ever seen the car, just happened to see it that day.
its ok, but sitting that long, made it frail and weathered. The seat foams are dead, the carpet is faded but not worn ( i wonder if i can dye it .. hmm ), the dashboard of course is cracked to **** ( not really sure on how to fix that, i guess a new one? ), but all the gauges work and its still has the original wood steering wheel
New uncracked dashes will cost about twice what you got that car for, but you can find some very nice dash covers that work very well. And just as an FYI, that steering wheel isn't actually wood, but actually a plastic resin made to look like wood.
well, i guess it doesn't have a matching L24 motor, it has a L28, interesting ;), with 160 compression across and some performance cam, cant remember what the head number was

does anyone know what the normal operating temperature is for these?
though id do a quick update,

started to pull some interior stuff out today to clean inside out and check for rot spots inside. Took the seats and seat belts out too and found gunks of dirt/trash/etc.. and all the sound insulator is all dried out and cracked as you can see

Replaced all fuels lines/fuel filter and dropped the tank. Gotta clean the tank out next weekend and replace all the tank links and she'll be back up and running. Next step: paint strip and body work.

what the heck are these for and i wonder why there all beat up?

sanded down the area under the seat and put a couple coats of black

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Those are the stock storage units, not sure why they are all hacked up like that for.
probably doing some speakers??? nice find.
zlion said:
probably doing some speakers??? nice find.
Thats a good idea, custom panel with some speakers.. hmmmm, but would be blarrin' in your ears haha
Those were cut out with a torch, probably to make storage space or speaker mounts. It should have 'holed' metal covering it. The original storage boxes were plastic and mounted on the floor behind the seats and right in front of the riser, bolted to the floor. The later series had the space opened up with little lids that held the jack and tools, or other 'stuff'.

Bonzi Lon
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