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1947 Triumph L28et

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Interesting....Wish there were more pics.
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Yea it needs more pics and ones that actually look like he is trying to sell the car. Those pics suck.
Can you see the z in this car. http://cadillac.internetrader.com/M...35446477732_20081031122407134926________.html

Also i saw this rare z with sea hawks decal. From the dealer for the team.
CL Washington
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I will never EVER get a Zhawk sticker.... That would just encourage them.

Sounds cool bigger engine in a brit car sometimes is better.
Jacket -

you should complain.

Try being from Houston.

But I can say - name your game - Houston is the best farm club in the league. Trade owners not players!
I wonder how the Datsun/Triumph handles.

I love the old look of full fenders like that and the 50's MG's.

And the datsun chassis and drive train I would think would be a lot better handing and much easier for parts and repair.
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