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what do you guys think about 18" wheels on a 240? will they fit well?
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225/35 or 40/18's on 18x7's would probably fit o.k. but I would not do it. Wheels that big would be very heavy giving poor road feel and most likely would not handel as well as smaller wheels would. Go with 16's maby 17's. My personel opinion is for the 16's.

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i saw a 240 with 17s with real low tires, and it just doesnt look like it fills the car well. What i mean is, it looks like you could possibly fit bigger wheels on there with thin tires or just put bigger tires on 17s.
They would look nice, but would not drive as well as stated by ZGuitar.
You should do it, I dare you!

- Brazle
Lower the car to fil the gap between the top of the tire and bottom of the fender instead of filling the gap with bigger wheel and tires.
if its ride harshness youre going for id get the 18's with a 40 series tire and cut 4 coils off the springs and then install metal bushings throughout.
I love my 17's, but 18 would be too big IMHO. 17's seem to be the limit if you still want some sidewall.

i agree with mark. I love my 17's but think the 18's would be overkill. Im running 225/45/17 on mine and they fill the wheel well up nicely. But then again, my car is also lowered too.
I riding on 18's w/ 295/30/18 in the rear ... I do understand that the ride is different from the factory 15's but .... the car looks killer, killer , killer ...
make up your mind on what you want .. either looks or ride quality ..
it is my second car so I went for looks ...
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