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how well will 17x7 rims fit on a 240
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they will fit good with spacers.

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show me a picture of what your car looks like
my friends site is down and there were a lot of pics on there. The only pic i have are with my old tires on when i first bought the car. They were 205/40/17. I hated those **** things. Thy handled great but the ride was horrible. Check out my sound domain site. There is only one pic. Hope fully the site should be back up and running soon. I usaully have a pic when you click on my handle.


edit: I forgot how old these exterior shots were. Dang i need to get some new ones up.

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I am running 17X7's on my Z with no spacers. They are on a 75 280 so i have less romm than a 240Z. Click on my name to se the car.

Or you can check it out here.
if you have a rim with a zero offset then you wont need to a spacer or an adapter. I should have probably said that......oh well
Same, 17x7's with no spacers but I will be getting one. Cause on full lock the tyre does rub (but I have to have some load on the suspension, like going off a gutter or a bump in the road).
Howz this.....my car 17x7 (I can fit an 8" in the back and still have it tucked, if I wanted), my car is sitting on home made coil overs

Hope that helps - Yasin
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Yasin, those wheels are extremely nice looking on that car, and those coilovers look like they worked really well! Kudos!
Thanks!!! Car has come along way since saving it from the rust pile and neglected alley way in downtown Denver.
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