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$17000 240 with uknown engine

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Even if I did have the money I really don't think I would consider buying this when
A) The owner has no idea what it is
B) No idea on the mileage

All he can do is shoot pictures to us. I'm sure that if someone got up in there one could figure out what it is, but if he doesn't know anything about cars than why does he own it and why does he think it has 650 HP. That is a lot of Horse power for such a small car (although I bet Tony D has probably made some Z's that would make this look pretty weak).
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Although he states that he engine is worth 12K so maybe he does know what it is, just decided against letting the potential buyer know.
Where have I heard this before?


Looks like a nice car to me, the price isn't out of the ballpark for what it likely is... Doesn't have the usual 'unfinished project get it out of the garage before I'm divorced' feel to the advert...
It looks like it might be worth someone's time to at least look at if they are in that market for a Dragster-z. Definitely not my cup of tea, but could be a solid car. Biggest red flag to me is that he says he has only had the car for 6 months, yet the photos are pushing 6 years old (assuming that 2005 is the correct year for them and not the default on the camera).
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TonyD goes trollin! lol

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I'd be worried to drive that it does not look like it has a roll cage, and with it being tubbed who knows what the structeral integrity is like now.
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