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  1. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    I've replaced the engine in my 87 and everything appears to be hooked back up. The starter will turn the engine over, but it won't run. ECU shows a code 44. Fuel is getting to the injectors. I don't believe that there's any spark getting to the plugs. Any ideas on what to check for? Thanks.
  2. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    I’m new to the Z platform and I’m having trouble with my car. I bought the car cheap as it was non running. it only turned on with starter fluid because the fuel pump was not working. It did work, but only with it having an alternate ground. Not sure what caused it to not work, i replaced the...
  3. Cars for Sale: 1984-89 300ZX (Z31)
    Hey guys. Today I'm unfortunately going to be selling my1986 2+0 This thing has been one of my dream cars for years. I came across this project about a year ago. I bought it from an older lady who had it sitting in her yard for about 5 years. There were several aftermarket pieces put in from...
    $750 USD
  4. 90-96 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hi guys, looking for some help. Not sure if anyone can share some useful information or links. I’ve tried searching forums but I’ll I get are nay-sayers or no info at all. I’m trying to find out if anyone has attempted or knows of a l28 swapped z31. I’ve found thread that was semi useful but it...
  5. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    I own a 1987 300zx z31 base module and have been having a few problemss with it starting. it looses all power and when i do start it with jumping it there is white smoke coming from the exhaust. It has a brand new alternator and new terminals along with battery. I was hoping I could find...
  6. Cars for Sale: 1984-89 300ZX (Z31)
    Year: 1984 Model: Z31 300ZX base non-turbo Engine: VG30E (3.0 Liter stock) Trans: Manual (stock) Color: Tan interior / White exterior (with pinstripes and black bumpers) Mileage: 148,379 Description: A Diamond in the rough... This base non-turbo Z31 is currently on non-op status since 2009 in...
    $1,500 USD
  7. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hello again everyone, hope you're all doing well. TL;DR - Night-time electrical doesn't work and I hear pop in relays when attempting to turn on night-time lights. I am working on my 1987 Nissan 300ZX NA. I am pretty close to dropping the engine in it. I have a problem though. When I go to hook...
  8. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Do I have to buy the sensor from a Nissan dealership or would another one work? If so which one would you recommend? Thanks
  9. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hey guys I work at a shop and am trying to source a rebuild kit for a z31 (1986 300zx turbo). I've found a rebuild kit for a non turbo and I've found seal kits but I've read the internals are different. I need everything from pistons to cams and crank. Does anyone have any links or know of any...
  10. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    I just recently bought a 1985 300zx turbo and its been a nightmare trying to replace the struts and shocks. I was originally going to go with KYB replacements (cheap and easy) but I can't seem to find the KYB CONVERSION KIT 108A. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to find that part...
  11. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hey guys here is the situation: Drove my Z31 just fine this morning. Everything started up, sounds fine, nothing out of the ordinary. Went to go park somewhere on my lunch break from work. Got done doing my thing then went to go start my car but it won't start now. Between driving from work to...
  12. Cars for Sale: 1984-89 300ZX (Z31)
    1984 Nissan/Datsun 300zx TURBO z31 Runs and Drives great. All original. Maintained and restored. Dyno'd 230 hp (ask for sheet). Gets good gas mileage. A blast to drive, very short turbo lag. Interior is all original and brought back to life. Original stereo recently installed along with middle...
    $6,498 USD
  13. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hey! I just bought a 86’ z31 and I don’t have any hazards or turn signals. I have power to hazard fuse but no hazards I don’t have power to the turn signal fuse!
  14. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    I've got an 86 n/a slushbox and it won't downshift from 3rd. It also short shifts even when you floor it, shifts at about 3k when you floor it and if you floor it while cruising it just sits in 3rd whether you're going 15 or 40.
  15. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hello again everyone, Posting on here again with a different issue. My MAF is acting up and not working right. I've done a ton of research and found out I can't simply buy one online. Seems like they're practically non-existent anymore. So with that said, I decided to try and fix it myself but...
  16. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hello everyone, new here to the Z car website. I have a 1987 Nissan 300ZX naturally aspirated engine. I just rebuilt the motor on it with new internals and parts. I went to go fix the timing on the engine last night but the car will not start. It used to start before but now it refuses to. I...
  17. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hello. I'm new to the Z community and cars in general. I truly love working on cars, even if it's a royal pain. I want to get into drifting and after lots of research I got a z31 (86). I was so excited to finally have my project car that was in excellent condition and ready to drive. I still...
  18. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Can anyone tell me what this bumper is and where I can get one?
  19. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hey. The inevitable has occurred and I, a 16 year old highschool student, want to begin a project. I have had my eyes set on a z31 for quite some time, and spent more time on FB market and CL than I have outside. I would absolutely love to spend the last two years I have here working on a...
  20. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    I currently have a 87’ 300zx 2+2 with no engine it. I am also new to working on cars, I was wondering if there’s any way a rack and pinion from a 2009 370z can go on 87’ z.
1-20 of 31 Results