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  1. Cars for Sale: 1984-89 300ZX (Z31)
    Hey guys. Today I'm unfortunately going to be selling my1986 2+0 This thing has been one of my dream cars for years. I came across this project about a year ago. I bought it from an older lady who had it sitting in her yard for about 5 years. There were several aftermarket pieces put in from...
    $750 USD
  2. Car Talk Forum
    From what I have seen on undercoating on here, all the post our outdated. The newest post I saw was from 2004 I think, so My question is what are yalls thoughts on undercoating? I just got a 1983 Datsun 280zx and it has some surface rust on the under frame which I was going to grind off, then...
  3. 70-83 Tech Discussion Forum
    I just bought a 1976 280z, my first problem is I believe this car was in the Houston flood. The previous owner has put a few aftermarket items on the car, such as power windows, remote locks, and a stereo system. The car was offered for $9500, but I asked for $5500, If I came down to Houston...
  4. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hello. I'm new to the Z community and cars in general. I truly love working on cars, even if it's a royal pain. I want to get into drifting and after lots of research I got a z31 (86). I was so excited to finally have my project car that was in excellent condition and ready to drive. I still...
1-4 of 4 Results