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  1. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hello again everyone, Posting on here again with a different issue. My MAF is acting up and not working right. I've done a ton of research and found out I can't simply buy one online. Seems like they're practically non-existent anymore. So with that said, I decided to try and fix it myself but...
  2. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    I bought my 1987 300zx NA automatic back in May, replaced the starter, spark plugs, and wires, and a cold air intake and everything ran wonderfully! Then it started over heating, and I lost oil pressure. So I replaced the thermostat, and the radiator hoses, and put thicker oil in the car since...
  3. For Sale: Parts & Accessories
    Hey everyone! I’m hoping to find an 87 z31 non turbo MAF sensor. I bought one already and it gave me the same problem. (It was off a junker) So I was wondering if anyone here might have one laying around that they know works. I just got my car back in June and I would really like to get it back...
  4. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    I'm wondering if there is another vehicle that uses the same MAF as the 87 z31 NA?
1-4 of 4 Results