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  1. 70-83 Tech Discussion Forum
    hey all, recently been reviving an 81 280zx and have had amazing progress so far but have had to do lots of work on fuel pump in the past, and with a new billet aluminum fuel rail/pressure reg installed i wanted a new pump to go with it to compensate for the higher (and yes i know slightly...
  2. 70-83 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hello. My stock fuel pump on my 77 280z is dead. There are some threads on here about aftermarket pumps but they don't really line out the details of the pumps. A lot of folks have used the MSD2225. The web says "Flows 43 gph (282 lb./hr.) gasoline @ 40 psi". Is everyone putting it back in...
  3. 70-83 Tech Discussion Forum
    A couple questions regarding possible situations where fuel is not being delivered. To preface, I'm new to mechanics and whatnot my background is embedded systems. In regards to the electric fuel pump, when I turn the key there is no voltage at the electric fuel pump. Ive read some things about...
1-3 of 3 Results