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  1. 240z Front Brake Rotors

    70-83 Tech Discussion Forum
    Curious if anyone ever had this happen with front brake rotors.... I went to do a front brake job today on my 240z today and I believe I had the wrong rotors sent to me. When I got the new rotor installed and went to put it back on it seemed to fit fine. The hub lined up fine with the rotor...
  2. Front brakes locking up

    70-83 Tech Discussion Forum
    Someone.. please help... so this is my first post. I have a 76 280 I bought last year and I’ve been working on it a little. Doesn’t need much honestly the whole thing is completely stock runs and drives nice. The only thing is that the front brakes lock up, I never drive the car a far distance...
  3. Brake Issue: Sticking?

    70-83 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone, So first post here. Hope you guys can help me with an issue that popped up today. I have a 1977 280z 5spd. I was driving on the highway when the dash Brake light lit up. I noticed the car was having troubles accelerating immediately after. I figured the brakes were sticking so I...
  4. 1980 280zx Brake master cylinder.

    70-83 Tech Discussion Forum
    My master cylinder is damaged, I am having a difficult time locating a new or used replacement wit the reservoirs. Can anyone help here, or possibly tell me of an alternative such as another model that may work. Thanks all in advance.