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  1. 90-96 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hi guys, looking for some help. Not sure if anyone can share some useful information or links. I’ve tried searching forums but I’ll I get are nay-sayers or no info at all. I’m trying to find out if anyone has attempted or knows of a l28 swapped z31. I’ve found thread that was semi useful but it...
  2. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Do I have to buy the sensor from a Nissan dealership or would another one work? If so which one would you recommend? Thanks
  3. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    I have an 84 NA 300zx that has been having issues with the door sensor. Previously it had been bugging me because my door is bent, causing the sensor to go off sometimes, but now, it just keeps going off even when I press the sensor all the way down. I just removed the sensor recently and let...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. I am a new member. The time has come to simplify my life, so I am looking to sell my 1987 300ZX. I thought this might be a good place to start. I am the original owner. No accidents, although the bumper was hit recently while the car was sitting in the driveway. Below are the...
  5. Cars for Sale: 1984-89 300ZX (Z31)
    1984 Nissan/Datsun 300zx TURBO z31 Runs and Drives great. All original. Maintained and restored. Dyno'd 230 hp (ask for sheet). Gets good gas mileage. A blast to drive, very short turbo lag. Interior is all original and brought back to life. Original stereo recently installed along with middle...
    $6,498 USD
  6. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hey! I just bought a 86’ z31 and I don’t have any hazards or turn signals. I have power to hazard fuse but no hazards I don’t have power to the turn signal fuse!
  7. 90-96 Tech Discussion Forum
    So I have an automatic 94 300zx that won't crank. I had it running one day then apparently someone shorted the positive side of the battery to the hood (I have no idea why). After that the car no longer cranks. So far I've replaced the starter relay and the starter but still no cranking...
  8. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, the low beam on my 1987 300ZX isn’t working and I have narrowed it down to the headlight switch stalk. Looking around I have found that these headlight switches are ridiculously expensive. My question is, will any other headlight switch from other Nissans work in my 300ZX? My local...
  9. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Can anyone tell me what this bumper is and where I can get one?
  10. 90-96 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, I recently got a 300zx shell and was wondering if I could put the 35oz engine and trans into the z32? would they fit?
  11. New Member Introductions
    Alright so idek where to put this but here we go. I'm turning 18 and from Canada, Ontario and I will be getting my g2 (i did not go for drivers ed btw) I would like to get the 300zx 90-96 (preferably, and not as a first car probably in a couple years), another thing is that I want to the...
  12. 90-96 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hey guys I have a 94 NA' and one time while my battery died, it caused this blue bulb to left of the steering wheel to flash aswell as an amber security light to appear on the gauge. When I close doors and hood, the security light stays on no flashes and disapears after 30 seconds. I understand...
  13. Cars for Sale: 1990-96 300ZX (Z32)
    1993 300ZX convertible. Black/black leather, top in good shape. V-6, auto, Kenwood stereo, 188,514 miles. Body in good condition. Interior has minor wear and tear. Car has been sitting in garage since 2016. Needs transmission work. Asking $5500. kathi allen at live.com or 817 nine two three...
  14. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    I currently have a 87’ 300zx 2+2 with no engine it. I am also new to working on cars, I was wondering if there’s any way a rack and pinion from a 2009 370z can go on 87’ z.
  15. 90-96 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hi, I have a 1991 Nissan 300zx I purchased from a gentlemen who used it as a drift rig. I have engine swapped it as the one it came with had a thrown rod bearing. The new engine has 3-5k miles on it but had been sitting for 25-30 years. I drained all fluids and replaced all hoses and necessary...
1-16 of 16 Results