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  1. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    I’m looking forward to buying an 86 z31. Owner states that about a year ago he was driving down the highway, he wasn’t speeding. He felt the the car just drop a few gears and a popping sound from the transmission. He suggested it may be the flywheel or the torque converter. Vacuum lines...
  2. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    so i’ve recently picked up this 86’ for a new project still getting into the whole car scene. the friend who owned it before myself had converted the front end to fit with an 87 bumper. i know he switched out the headlights, but if i want to convert it back to the original 86 bumper do i need to...
  3. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    The digital instrument panel doesn't work but sometimes it kicks on for a min but still have never got the speedometer or tach to work at all. The foldout headlight button only works the headlights when the led panel is working.
  4. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hi all, I'll preface this by saying that I am an amateur. I recently decided to try and get my Grandma's '86 Nissan 300ZX (Z31) automatic naturally aspirated V6 (non-turbo) two-seater running. It has sat in my Mom's backyard without being started for at least 10 years. If I boost it, or if the...
  5. 84-89 Tech Discussion Forum
    So my friend has a 86 Z31 Turbo, and I've been trying to help him get it on the road. I has been in his garage kept in his garage for the past 25 years, being occasionally driven by his dad. The car has now been passed on to him, and it is having some trouble. We went to take the car out for a...
1-5 of 5 Results