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  1. 260z round top conversion: a couple questions

    70-83 Tech Discussion Forum
    I know this topic has been heavily discussed in the past but I am unclear on a couple things and am looking for some help. to set the scene, I’m working on an early 74 260z that to me looks like it’s bone stock and has almost everything in the engine bay that it came with. I have two sets of...
  2. [74.5 260z] Crud in exhaust port

    70-83 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, I just finished removing the intake and exhaust manifolds from my engine primarily to replace the gasket. Once I got the exhaust manifold off, I noticed that one of the exhaust ports has a bunch of crud (?) inside of it. I can't even see the exhaust valve. I am not sure what this stuff...
  3. Rust Opinions - How much is too much?

    70-83 Tech Discussion Forum
    Hello all, I'm looking to get a 74 260z for a project car, and I've found a roller for ~$1500 that seems decent from what I can tell. The "what I can tell" is the kicker here, I don't know these cars as well as some. I know that rust is a pretty guaranteed issue on these cars, and this has it...