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  1. 240, 280, and 280 ZX turbo parts, engines, transmissions,

    Contact me I’m in Jurupa Valley CA and have a lot of Z parts engines transmissions and some misc. body parts new hood rear hatch good glass a complete 73 240 needs paint and restoration I’m motivated to sell everything make offers need to relocate soon Thank you for this opportunity I will...
  2. SOLD-L24 with matching 4 speed trans

    For Sale: Parts & Accessories
    Like title says. Previous owner pulled engine and trans, said it was running before he pulled it, and said its a matching set to the car. Im not a 100% sure if its numbers matching but I will include a picture of serial numbers from engine and trans, and if I have time I will research to find...
  3. 240z and 280z differential question

    70-83 Tech Discussion Forum
    So my 280z rear diff is pretty much toast. I'm looking at a 240z diff to replace it. Does the 240z diff fit the 280z? (Is it bolt on) If not, how difficult would it be to make it fit. Thanks.