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1981 datsun 280zx
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    Lined up to buy an '81 280zx that's been sitting for close to 30 years, the owner claims to have the parts needed to get it restored but hasn't had the time to install everything. There are a few hoses that lead to nothing as well as a towel blocking something in the engine underneath the...
  2. Car Talk Forum
    Was looking at the JEGS website for a small block Chevy v8 swap. Been doing some research and looks like one of the closest to fit without much welding it or installing new plates. 1. Is JEGS.com a reliable website to get parts off of ESPECIALLY for engines. 2. Has anyone on here done this swap...
  3. Car Talk Forum
    I just got my first car (just a daily) and I immediately wanted to start a project car. The 1981 Datsun 280zx has always been a dream project of mine. I want to do a complete rebuild piece by piece. What engines would fit in the engine bay? I want at least 400hp by the end of this build, however...
1-3 of 3 Results