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Black truck bed liner over blue
Came to me from the Tucson Zguy, history is essentially a complete mystery. Seen emissions records for a decade but that's about it. Unknown mileage but a very strong motor. Tons of minor 37 year old worn parts to tinker on for my weekend projects but absolute daily driver that keeps me smiling.
1980 Datsun 280zx (Black truck bed liner over blue)


Engine stuff has been minor. Plugged the bcdd inlet airway as it was causing high idle from a leak. Replaced the AAR as it could not be coaxed to move on it's own any more. Resealed the rubber between the MAF and intake due to cracking. TPS (TVS) cleanup. PO added cone filter style air intake, high flow cat and a mild cherry bomb exhaust to give her a little more air and sound. It's a perfect balance to me, mild enough when putting around but a unique old style roar when pushed. I love hearing the air flow drop on a hard shift, and the wheezy rumble when engine braking.
update: sound of the car is even more unique with a GM exhaust check valve installed to replace the near impossible to find Air Induction Valve used in the 1980 model only.
'Rebuilt' some seats from an '83 and outfitted them with the same horse blanket seat covers I grew up on in our Ford pickup in the 80's. Doors off of a 79 base model. I prefer the hand cranks anyways. Rebuilding the rubber seals on the car to get rid of some of the air noise.
Mainly just brought her into spec for my eyes. Black hard truck bed liner exterior with matching louvers and rear bumper. Front bumper removed, grill is a hand made bed liner coated expanded aluminum material with a deer antler for character behind it. Home made 16 gauge steel mounts for the larger style louvers which mounted firmly with no rattles or squeaks. Still can be unfastened and lifted on the hinges.
Older Kenwood radio came in the car. New speakers and a 12 volt Bluetooth to FM converter makes it a modern phone driven music system. Phone parallels as speedo for the time being. Car came with blue led lights wired in place of under dash lighting. Lights sit under the seats for a very sweet atmosphere. The placement splits a blue under light with orange/red native dash lights to result in an effect that makes me smile. As a bonus, the bluetooth converter has this bizarre erudite deep booming male voice that comes on "Waiting for Pairing!"...."Paired!" a few seconds after starting the car.
in definite need of attention
Wheel and Tire
Some clone centerline style wheels came on her, which I rather liked on the car. Had to bring them into color scheme once the rest of the car was done, so they got the same grit truck bed liner treatment.



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