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Datsun by Nissan
280ZX 2+2 coupe
Blue and silver
Automatic transmission, voice warning system, digital dash, and mirror and rear window defrost
I am the 3rd owner. Do not know anything about the first and all I know about the second is that she ONLY used this car for leisure and when not in use was on blocks in the driveway. It only has 124,000+ miles on it and when we purchased it from her son after her death we had it towed home since it wouldn't even start. As soon as we got it home I scrubbed it down to find the paint job was still in amazing condition with only minimal bubbling and only around the edges. It had been parked on the street and side swiped in the driver door and driver fender causing the driver to not open and the window on goes down halfway. The interior was gummed over but after some deep cleaning was returned to its original state. Amazingly the back seats are still flawless and durable. The fronts seats upon purchase only had minimal damage. A small spot were looks like someone dropped a sharp object and sliced the edge about a 4 in cut and the drivers side had started breaking apart along the bucket strap trim in the seat and has now become about a 4 in diameter piece missing on the edge. It came with the original radio removed but separate and the Haynes manual. We purchased new brakes, rotors, calipers, battery, spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, gas lines, brake lines and new tires. Right now the heater blower motor needs replaced and voice system needs looked at. Both worked but one day just abruptly quit. I need to replace the seals in the t tops and around the doors and check to be sure the firewall seal is still intact but otherwise this car is in great condition.
1982 Datsun by Nissan 280ZX 2+2 coupe (Blue and silver)


In line 6
Blue with silver seats
No modifications
None currently. The original radio is not attached but available. The radio/cd system that it came with messed up so I removed it.


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