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N/A 5sp, base slicktop
Only 2 owners prior to me, bought from my GF's dad who bought it from his brother in law.

It was in "show" driving condition about 7 years ago, but a classic caddy replaced its' spot in their garage and it sat outside for 7 years in the SoCal sun being driven maybe 200mi/year just to keep it from completely disintegrating...

So I "saved" it, but more accurately it saved me, because my girlfriend arranged with her father to part with it so I could have something to take my mind off of my depression and anxiety. It pulled me back from the brink, so it has a lot of sentimental value to me.

Find my youtube channel @: http://www.youtube.com/user/stukinit/featured

It has only 90k original miles (87k when I bought it middle of last year) and has been my Daily Driver, reliable and fun ever since.

I have already salvaged a decent portion of the interior and fixed *most* of the mechanical problems as well as replacing the old-holey hood and a new all aluminum radiator from a donor 2+2 car that was "fixed" by some salvage yard.

Also, it was just painted! That was a nice gift, it's really fun to get all the looks now, no one really knows what it is and I get double takes all the time. Great fun!

Plans for the future:
Turbo (P90/P90A) head swap
Turbo Dizzy
Turbo inj.
Stock N/A Cam
Stock turbo @ 8-10psi (should give ~200rwhp with near instant response)
1981 Datsun 280ZX (Silver/Grey)


Painted valve cover
replaced all belts
changed radiator to full aluminum MSA radiator
Replaced intake/exhaust gasket (what a pain!)

-So I need a new head... Guess that's what happens when you let a friend "man-strength" the manifold bolts in place and end up breaking the rear casting off. And crossthreading two studs. Then breaking them.
Reupholstered the doors with skins from a 2+2 Donor car (had been garaged but driven into the ground) I trimmed and re-glued everything, but it was free vs. $180 for NOS or decent condition ones though...

New Seats! Got those ~$150 seats from Oreilly's and spent a weekend installing them/making plate-steel mount relocation bars, Grade 8 bolts everywhere!

Steam-cleaned all interior carpeting and cleaned all old sun-rotted carpeting out.
New hood
"Fixed" cowl panel rust (got tired of black holes)
sealed/smoothed some rust
light coat of rattle-can clear in some spots

Got a new (modern) head-unit that color-matches my orange lights at night and turns white in the day, the JVC KD-R80BT that has bluetooth A2DP functionality and a CD player, it looks nice!

New Speakers everywhere as well! The in-dash speakers are a bitch though...
Stock blown shocks and sagged springs... Too poor to replace/fix though so oh well...

I have a decent job now! This is my Christmas to-do list:

Tokico springs/shocks & energy suspension bushings.

Wishlist: TTT T/C rods and BSS.
Wheel and Tire
Salvaged and repainted the original Iron Crosses!



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