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black w/peanut butter.lol
used to have leather. needs new apolster
dont know a lot of the history on this one. it has some rust but not too bad. i had a 1980 that i spent a lot of time and money on before it was totalled by a 18 wheeler.. i was heart broken so i bought this one. its cosmetically prettier than the older one but no where near as mean. yet. just working on getting it running straight before i start other work. so far ive replaced the regular stuff you should on any "new" old car you buy like plugs, wires, cap, rotor, all fluids, filters and even threw on new ignition coil and swapped out the AFM and TPS off of the old car before they came to pick it up.lol wish i wouldve had time to snag the halfshafts and all struts and new coils.. i just set the timing and adjusted TPS. and had a shop re wire the injectors cause i didnt feel like messing with it
1982 Nissan 280zx (black w/peanut butter.lol)


stock L28e
interior is in overall well shape. no dash cracks and dash cover to keep it that way. carpet, door panels, all is in great shape aside from the seats. the leather is just so worn out but they will eventually become bucket seats
body kit. fresh black paint.lol the guy who did it did a crappy job but hey it doesnt look too bad and i didnt pay for the paint job, it was there when i bought the car.
i had some extra pioneer speakers that i swapped out with the ones behind the seat and it had a cd player in it with wiring for subs and amp but i dont care for added weight.
prolly stock. haha this thing rides like a boat right now.lol but this will eventually change too
Wheel and Tire
stock 6 spokes. 2 used to be blue and the other 2 gold. now they are all polished thanks to my buddy airplane stripper.lol i replaced the tires with bfg radial ta 245/6r14 in the back and 195/70r14 in the front


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