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Stealth Primer Black
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I got my first ZCAR in 1990. It was a 1978 Datsun 280Z with factory Air Condition & all was stock. But that did not last to long :-) I soon after joined the Nevada ZCAR CLUB ( AKA ) NZCC which I believe is no longer but there is a ( SIN CITY ZCAR CLUB ) I never knew there were so many ZCAR lovers it blew me away! I soon found out why. So I began my ZCAR journey. I soon found out that after a lot of $$$$$$ later how fun these cars really are to drive with the right upgrades,I now owned a Sleeper,Super Fast Z !! After buying my Z I Unfortunately found out the L28 engine had not been taken care of as far as the engine so the first thing I had to do is take it to the ( Z SHOP ) in Las Vegas, NV & they put one of those 60.000 mile engines in it & what a GREAT JOB THEY DID !!! Ran like a champ ! It had a 5 speed manual transmission, after awhile I added a tuned 3' mandrel bend exhaust with matching header. Then came a 4 point roll cage,a new suspension with Ubach lowering springs & then the whole Suspension Techniques the whole kit with Red Urethane bushings all around, 1'& an eighth front sway bar & a 7/8th's rear sway bar & went with KYB racing strut inserts. Talk about a HUGE DIFFERENCE in handling WOW! Any way I had have a Friend with a machine shop & took my trans stock shifter & he machined me a short throw shifter. Now as far as engine besides the tuned exhaust I have another Friend that hooked me up with a " Racer Brown " cam & lifter set. Now Racer Brown used to build Datsun Race Carz & lucky for me even tho as far as I know Racer Brown has not built any cams or racing parts anymore & my Friend just happened to have a brand new in the box for my Z so after he installed this kit. OMG talk about difference in sound plus a HUGE difference in performance I really can't explain it. The cam kicked in at 2500 RPM & topped of at 7600 RPM :-0 . Well I will have to stop now before this turns into a book lol. Z U L8TER, Rick Zimbrick PS. Special thanks to the Z SHOP & the Owners the Aller Family.
1978 Datsun/Nissan 280Z (Stealth Primer Black)


Bosh HP fuel injectors,Custom made header with 3' tuned exhaust,custom upgraded air flow box,Racer Brown cam & lifter set 2500 kick in to 7500 top & a few other things!
New dash,all gauges are Auto Meter Pro except the clock that still keeps time. All new carpet front & rear. Four point roll cage & some other special stuff hand made.
As far as body the body looks better than when it rolled off the line at the factory! Custom made front grill & front bumper removed & redone so it didn't look like a bench to sit on lol. Rear bumper not removed but set in to match up with that little lip that sits over the rear bumper. All side railing removed & hole's welded. Rear down force wing that just wasn't there for looks but really worked. And of corse there are more custom things that were done!
Pioneer Cd-FM AM 55 watts X 4 channel. Two 1500 Pioneer AMPS hooked up to two tweets up front, two 6X9's one in each door & two 12' Woofers in the back mounted in a custom made box. All speakers are Pioneer & sounded AWESOME!
Suspension techniques full kit.
Wheel and Tire
Centerline Wheels Drag 2 Polished with ZCAR offset for BF GOODRICH RADIAL T/A's P235-60's


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