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This is my first ever car, bought it March 2017 when I turned 16 because I felt the best way to own a car is to earn it by building it. I bought it from a Z enthusiast who was going to swap his stuff from his 76' 280 in order to avoid California Smog laws, but decided it was better in the hands of someone who would learn on it. He bought it as a rolling chassis. I bought it from him with a L28 out of a ZX that had a blown piston and a 5 speed trans. I have very little hands on experience with cars and I'm well aware that I'm way in over my head with this whole project, but I guess that's the fun of it. It needs a whole lot more work on it and I'm going to be putting out constant updates on the progress.
1975 Datsun 280z (Blue)


The motor is an L28 out of an 83 ZX that is sitting on a motor stand in my garage. The header is rebuilt but one of the pistons blew out and luckily didn't cause any damage to the cylinder so I have to replace that piston. I have no fuel intake system atm but I'm looking for carburetor options because I prefer them over the mechanical fuel injection.
The dash and all its components are currently outside of the car, along with the center console and most other things. I need to install the wiring harness so I'm going to get to that first.
The body is moderately well kept, no big dents, but does have a couple small patches of rust that need repair, perks of being a Californian.
lol... I have a Bluetooth speaker
It is in pretty rough shape and needs replacing, so I'm looking into what suspension options to go for, leaning towards tokico blues or maybe dropping a little extra for the illuminas, but I'm not quite sure yet. I'm in the process of replacing bushings with polyurethane because the old rubber is worn to ****. I'm also going thru all the parts and de-rusting them back to usable shape while replacing what I can. The disk brakes are covered in a layer of rust so I'm looking into getting them rotated and if they're too worn I'll be putting money into new ones. The calipers are looking pretty unpromising hence far and are more than likely going to be replaced as well.
Wheel and Tire
I've got a set of wheels and tires that I got when I bought the car but the tires are shot but the rims can be easily cleaned back up and I'll look into either selling them or getting them wrapped with some new rubber and potentially plastidipping them. Not really the primary concern atm because the car doesn't even move yet so that's later down the line.



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