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I traded my work/plow truck for this back in April, approximate value $2500-2800. It was faded from apparently being in storage for the last couple years,(the guy that I got it from got it in a trade and didn't know much about it). It ran like crap, almost no clutch and I was 100 miles from my house, but I liked the looks of it and thought I could get it running, plus it only had just over 95,000 miles on it. Got it half way home and it started spewing blueish white smoke and barely any power, and the inside of the car was filling with smoke and the power windows don't work. I opened the sunroof and limped another 40 miles and had to get towed the last 10. Got it home and realized both floors and frame rails were rotted. I figured I better make sure I could get it running before tackling the floors. I put new remanned fuel injectors and connectors, all new vacuum lines, belts, fuel & air filters, new rubber gas lines, changed oil & drained coolant(didn't flush yet) and it runs great now.
Next I replaced the floor pans, I still have to finish painting them though. I replaced most of the passenger side frame rail and the drivers side was beat up some but still had integrity so I left it.
After the floors I dropped the tranny and exhaust and replaced the clutch, pressure plate, release bearing, and resurfaced flywheel and bleed clutch line right after master cylinder.
I thought it was finally ready to go when I came in the garage and found a puddle of tranny fluid under the rack and pinion. I chose to replace with a remanned instead of rebuilding myself. I ordered a remanned power rack and pinion, and 2 outer tie rod ends. I dropped the front suspension and pulled the old rack off and put the new one on, but the new lines on the new rack didn't fit around my cross member right so I had to get my old ones off and put them on the new rack.
As of now I am driving the car every day but has quite a few things that need done yet.
1982 Nissan 280zx (red/black)


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