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280ZX Turbo
Fox Metallic Silver/Black
Purchased January 2013 for $1,500 from a kid in Tulsa who didn't know what he had (virtually rust-free s130). Limped home 200 miles with it and started working on it. Got it running reliably enough for daily driving inside of a week.
1983 Datsun 280ZX Turbo (Fox Metallic Silver/Black)


Pretty stock l28et with good, even compression. So far a A few fuel rail leaks (yikes) have been fixed and several vacuum leaks repaired (more to go). Alternator was shot when purchased. New belts. New $140 battery that parts guy said goes with Dodge diesel trucks. Hollowed cat out--big difference at 4k+ rpm. Cleaned filthy K&N filter.

I have a BOV and intercooler to install in the near future. Megasquirt fully planned out for when time allows and I have ~$1,300 wanting to be spent. Good condition Holset HY35 patiently waiting to be installed.
Replaced stock boost gauge with -30/+30 boost gauge in stock location
Fixed odometer, which had been stuck on ~196,000 at the time of purchase
Located face plate for head unit on ebay and replaced
Removed shagalicious carpet from dash
Driver's side fender off decommissioned 81' 280ZX
Had rivet holes for factory rear louvers filled
Had screw holes in headlight buckets filled
New paint job - Fox Silver Metallic/Black
Replaced missing side mirror
Fixed door handles to open on one pull instead of the Sheldon method (~3 pulls)
Replaced rusty screw/bolt hardware with new stainless
What prior owner installed. 6x9's in rear panel currently running as mid bass with a separate amp mounted inside the spare tire compartment. Fairly generic pioneer head unit. Will switch the 6x9's to run off HU for rear fill and wire the 6.5 infinity reference pair behind the seats through the amp. Will eventually replace head unit with mp3/bluetooth unit. Might try to retro-fit 8's in 6.5 locations.
Replaced rear diff mount
Poly bushings in back
KYB shocks and Moog springs.
Wheel and Tire
Rota RB-R 17x9 all around with Achilles 255/40r17s



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