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1983 Nissan/Datsun 280zx Turbo 5 spd
Picked this one up late 2014, paint was pretty much shot, rough and needed some TLC all around and minor repairs. All in all it was a solid car from Cali, rust free. Reason I bought it to restore is I had one of these metallic green, I owned it nine years and put my blood and sweat into it. I took to shows in the late 90's all around NC and SC. I loved that car. I sold it after we had kids because I didn't have time for the car club and shows anymore and the car was not getting driven much. I regretted it shortly after, and when my kids got older they would see the pictures of me with the car at shows with trophies and say how they cant believe I sold it. Well, I had a chance at redemption last year when I found this baby and I have been giving it the royal treatment. It was hard finding one of these with a solid body and motor but this one had that going for it although she looked rough. I almost have it back to full original glory and I will not let this one go! And its a blast to drive! Wife and I have collaborated together on this one, so I guess I will let her drive it too. This time I wont let this one go!
1983 Nissan 280zx (Red/black)


Replaced faded grey carpet with entire new set of black carpet. Replaced factory stereo with DIN style stereo with CD.
Repainted with base coat clear coat. The TURBO decal was tricky, could not find anywhere online so went to a local graphic design shop and showed pictures and gave dimensions. Decal came out perfect match to original. When I had it repainted, we wanted to go back fully original and we did except one added feature. We added the black accent around the nose of the hood. I was a bit apprehensive at first not sure how it would look but it turned out looking great and really makes that nice design of the body feature stand out a little more.



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