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General Information

Automatic, Air conditioning,
I bought her on feb 2013. from a dealer in OKC
had my eye on the car for over a year cause the owner of the car lot was keeping it for himself saying he planned on fixing up when he got some time... After 18 months of sitting in the same spot untouched, he gave up trying to make time, lucky for me his business was booming, then sold it to me. Its a dream literally 15 years in the making.
1975 Datsun 280Z (Green)


original L28E and runs great. but it has the three speed automatic. still enjoy it very much as is, but in the end, I will be swapping the L28E for the SR20DET from the 1999 model year or newer Silvia with the six-speed manual and the 200SX turbo's R200.
the interior had been re done so its not in bad shape. Just once again NOT my taste. will redo the carpet, door panels, dash, and repair/replace any damaged parts.... might just keep the alligator seats....
Had a hideous body kit. NOT my taste at all. Removed the body kit first chance i got. Thinking xenon front bumper, custom front bumper and 240Z rear bumper with a quality strip and paint job. assuming there will be rust to deal with but this is an original Oklahoma Datsun so should be minimal.
A pioneer head unit with no face, one 6 1/2, and two 6x9's mounted in the rear shelf. nothing works. Will replace everthing with an emphasis on powerful, yet clear sound using as little weight as possible.
Old, tired and dying fast, I will repair and replace all parts except a few bushings the previous owner had replaced. trying to make it into a quality,yet streetable setup. She's not going to see the track every week, but will make the occasional trip to Dallas, and will have to court me and my lady friends around town in relative comfort.
Wheel and Tire
Got old school eagle alloys on her now, which are in great shape. only in need of a shine and polish. But in the end I'm going Panasports all the way! 15 inch with a tasteful amount of rubber probably just guessing here, a 205/50/15.



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