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metallic blue
My uncle and I bought the car from a guy at my dads work who was moving. His son and a friend of his had torn it apart and where in the process of turning it into a drag car with a v8 swap. They were some massive meth heads apparently. The had the engine down to the block and the car stripped down to a rolling chassis but they had done a very good job labeling things and being very methodical with their tear down. We got the whole bit for 600$ as well as a massive turbo they were going to stick on the v8. We are pretty sure the turbo was stolen from somewhere.... We no longer have the turbo. This was the end of my junior year in high-school. By the end of summer after my senior year the car was almost all together. It doesn't have a working heater or ac yet, It leaks from the rear hatch and doors and windows, the alignment needs work as well as some parts replaced in the front suspension. I just got a new job and I'm hoping to get some of these issues fixed now and get it driving properly as a daily this summer. Its been a pretty awesome experience as the 240z is one of, if not my all time favorite car. So to have a 280zx is pretty sweet.
1980 Nissan 280ZX (metallic blue)


The exhaust is cut and the stock muffler is mounted about mid car with the exhaust dumping right behind the seats.


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