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280z 2+2
Persimmon Red
Originally purchased in Santa Anna, California by a doctor. It was passed on to his kids, who then sold it to the next owner. This owner wanted to restore the car but never had the time. I purchased it from him with minimal rust (at least by 280z standards) damage to the body. I am currently in the restoration process.
1976 Nissan 280z 2+2 (Persimmon Red)


Everything under the hood is in great shape for a 40 yr old car. Plan to clean it all up and possibly go with the turbo route and cold air intake. Other than that stock.
The car had a few rust holes in the floor pan and parts of the frame rail under them. This led me to removing all of the interior to restore it. The dash and all seats are currently out.

Future Plans: Lizard skin the entire interior and lay new carpet. Restore the original dash (cracked). Replace all lights with LEDs.
Future Plans: Replace the front and rear bumpers with the earlier 240z style. The overall paint coat is still in great shape, was repainted in the past to its original color, persimmon red. Plans will be to spot repair rust spots on various portions of the car and touch up the paint.
Future Plans: New speakers and head unit. Bought the car without the original head unit and 2 speakers in the doors with original speakers in the rear. The antenna was seized up so I plan to restore the old unit.
Currently have the rear suspension out for de-rusting and powdering coating. I am doing all this myself with a sandblaster, electrolysis tank and a hobby powder coating gun with home oven. Keeping the stock springs but going with Tokico Illumnia struts.
Wheel and Tire
Came with dealer mag wheels. I am doing the 240sx rear disc brake conversion.



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