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All stock with A/C upgrade from manufactorer
I am the third owner of this car. I was told from the second owner that the first owner was an older gentleman who bought the car and treated it like his baby. The second owner took less than good care of the vehicle and let it sit and rot. It had been sitting since 1998 (last receipts in the car). The car was on craigslist and still ran (amazing) even though it ran really ruff. I think it is carbs. It was enough to buy the car for me and I will be bringing her back to life. The car still has everything on it, original paint, and is in desperate need of some TLC.
1973 Datsun 240Z (Blue)


The car has the all original motor that does run (barely). I will be upgrading to a triple DCOE Weber carb system. I had this on my 1st 240Z and I got 30 MPG on the highway and plenty of power. It ran like a kitten at 140 MPH. I was younger then.
The Interior is original and is white. I have never seen a white interior, but it has an inherent problem. Due to the years, some of the panels have yellowed. I think to make it look right, I will have to get all new interior. It is all there however and will suffice until I upgrade it.
The Exterior is typical for the era of car. The floorboards are totally rusted out. There is some rust in the typical spots. The car is straight however and never been wrecked. It has the original paint and will need to be repainted. All the original fenders and accessories are there. Car has original wheels and caps. The car was originally a nice blue. When I get all the body work done, I will be repainting stock color because I think it just looks nice on the car.
I have already purchased aftermarket floor-pans. They will arrive next week towards the end of the week. It was the first thing I bought, and will be the first thing fixed. I hope to get all the body repaired before I attempt to do anything else.
The in car entertainment is all stock. Has the original AM/FM radio and it works.
The suspension is in great shape. The front has an anti-sway bar, and I will be putting one in on the back when I get to that point.
Wheel and Tire
All the wheels are the stock steel rims with the original hub caps.



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