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General Information

280ZX 2+2
Bought in May 05. Drove it until it leaked so bad you couldn't drive in the rain without getting wet.

Engine rebuilt Fall 2008.
Sent to be restored 2009.
FINALLY... got it back together and cranked in Oct of 2012.

Always wanted one of these as a kid. Parents couldn't afford one, so I had to just watch them pass by...

This one will always be special to me! "My 1st Z"
1983 Datsun 280ZX 2+2 (RED)


My dad & I did the over-haul on this in the fall of '08. It will probably be the last one "we" do since he's getting on in years. Mains, Rods, Rings, Oil Pump, Distributor, Radiator, Timing chain and gears. Went ahead and put in clutch, pressure plate, and t.o. bearing while we had the motor pulled. Head work done at local Napa shop. Bought a polished valve cover off eBay, so put it on after the build. Thought it would be better if done before I sent it to the shop for the body work and restoration.
Ordered and installed carpet from Black Dragon. Ordered the seats from there, but had an upholstery shop do them for me.
At the point I bought this car, I had no idea of the "rust" issues associated with these cars. I bought it off eBay, and the seller said there was "NO" rust. (Yeah, right!) Anyway, I had no idea where to look so I picked it up and brought it home. Several day/weeks later I noticed "bubbling" in the paint in around the windshield, tail lights, etc... so... Sent to the shop in April of 2009. First guy "dismantled" the car and "bailed" on me (what a psycho), so a buddy of mine agreed to finish it for me. "Book-em Dano" Thanks!
Just like all the others, my "factory" stereo was pretty much toast. Went to "Wally-world" and bought a Pioneer unit. Used a piece of aluminum plate to build the filler plate for it. Thought it worked well with the silver interior.
Had the front replaced with standard aftermarket units shortly after I bought it. Just had the rear struts replaced with "gas" filled struts. Definitely the way to go! I'll do the front the same way when they go out.
Wheel and Tire
Standard wheels and tires. I did however purchase a set of "Polished" wheels for this car right after I bought the car and just got the tires mounted and balanced. Can't wait to put them on and see how they look.



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