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Datsun / Nissan
Candy-Apple Tangerine Red
Yes, I have one... Every man should
The history on this car is limited as I do not have information to provide on it's past prior to 2006. Unfortunatley I can only make assumptions on it's history and life based on it's condition.

Alana was problaby a west coast car, as she did not have air conditioning from the factory. It's not a California model, so it is quite possible that it spent it's early days in Oregon or perhaps Washington State. Again, this is only my opinion since I don't have any records to be accurate.

The car eventually found itself on the east coast in the state of North Carolina by a man who set out to restore it in 2005. His name is Doug Nicols. When he found the car, it had no windows, very little interior, no fenders, no hood and no wheels. Most of those parts came from other cars or purchased from online sources. It retained the dash, the driveline, manual 4 speed trans and the original engine, which matches the numbers on the car itself. I believe the car may have originally been painted Datsun Blue, since the engine bay firewall was blue, but the rest of the car was red. I can't truely verify this however.

The car was finished in 2006 with new paint, windows, supension, new interior, an L-88 hood modification, a Z series body kit and classic turbine-type wheels. Mr. Nicols put it up for sale, and I bought it shortly after returning from a military deployment in 2007. The car now resides at my home in Fayetteville, North Carolina. It has had several modifications since then, including a stock A/C system, centerline wheels, a turbo setup, rebuilt 5 spd transmission, and some minor interior changes. In 2008, I had a custom 3.0L Stroker engine built by Rebello Racing and ran it in the car, but in 2009 I replaced it with the original stock motor and used a turbo setup instead. The stroker was cool, but I like the turbo much better and I love the fact that the engine is the original that came with the car.

She does currently have a few mechanical issues that need to be worked, however when everything is working, she is a sound, fast, fun, and enjoyable driving experience that makes heads turn.

Alana is very much like the original car, however I like to consider her a mild custom classic.
1976 Datsun / Nissan 280Z (Candy-Apple Tangerine Red)


Origianl Stock n/a motor with modified turbo setup. Stock N42 head, na pistons, T3/T4 54mm Turbo, custom turbo exhaust manifold, Ported, polished and shaved N42 intake manifold, turbo AFM with n/a electronics, n/a ECU, n/a wiring harness, 35 lb fuel injectors, and custom fuel rail, Volvo Turbo fuel pump, 1" fuel line, MSD, intercooler, custom 3 1/2" exhaust, magnaflow muffler, custom powder coated valve cover and many other various chrome parts throughout.

A stock original 280z air conditioning system was installed by me in 2009. What a difference!
Classic Black interior. Re-done bucket 280z seats. Diamond-Tread Headliner. Dash Cover, Custom dash carpet matt, Automatic door locks, custom speedhut center gauges, modified lower molded console for clock gauge and fuel gauge, modified molded boost gauge on steering column.
Custom shift plate and shift knob. Aftermarket cruise control setup.
Molded L-88 hood modification (Fiberglass)
MSA molded body kit -- Front Air ****, Rear and Side Skirts, and low profile spoiler fin.

Custom House of Colors Paint. Primer coat followed by Second black base coat. Cinder Red base coat, followed by Candy-Apple Tangerine.

Corvette Style "Flat Round" Mirrors .
Custom cut front grill and custom fog lights.
Aftermarket stereo setup/CD/MP3 player. Rear hatch kicker amp and subwoofer.
5-Way Tokico adjustable struts, lowered springs, new tie-rod ends, poly-eurethane bushings, complete differential support mount (used).
Wheel and Tire
15" aluminum Centerline wheels. 15" X 7" Tires.
Slotted brake rotors.


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