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300 ZX Turbo, GLL
GLL, Digi Dash - Looks great at night. LOL
I purchased this about 2004 from a body shop owner who I believe did some of the exterior mods and crappy (for a body shop owner) paint job. I drove it til the bottom freeze plug rotted and puked. The original engine was boring and rather than just replace the plug I decided it was time to refurbish everything. Since I hadn't turned a wrench on any of my Z's (72 240z, 79 280zx, 84 300zxT) that I bought new I thought this will be a great time to start learning about the cars I love (the hard way). Well - I now know alot about Z31 Turbos and garage first aid.
1985 Nissan 300 ZX Turbo, GLL (CHP Red)


Remanned 88W Turbo engine, Majestic Turbo- T3/4 modded original water-cooled turbo, manual boost controller. All new sensors, water pump, Nissan engine overhaul gasket kit and too much else to remember. CM 3" aluminized mandrel bent, downpipe-back exhaust with hi-flow Magnaflow cat and dual tip muffler. Rebuilt T-5 trans. All new engine/trans mounts.
GLL grey interior package with 87 cloth turbo power seats, auto climate control with stuck "on all the time" defrost vents (stupid over the top bullshit). Get a clean GL dash and AC control setup if u can find one. The more fancy **** the more to fix. 85 leather trim GL steering wheel- no ugly pushy buttons. No cruise either til I figure out how to bypass the crap.
87 turbo rear panel/lights/bumper/hood, 86 side aero trim, original 85 black front/rear spoilers. Turbo TTops. Pictures here are prior to the 2 year task of refurbishing the engine/trans/suspension. And the newly remanned 88W turbo engine I bought off a guy on E-Bay for cheap. He lied about a few things but for $400 plus shipping I took a chance and by appearances it looked great and actually ran fine once I got it in.
Alpine Tuner/Cassette, remote CD, stock speaker arrangement with upgraded speakers.
Tokico Illuminas front/rear/lowering springs, front only, new Monroe stock rear springs with Artzwork silicone spring seats to fix ******-up negative camber. Energy Suspension bushings, remanned Autozone rack n pinion, new ball joints and silicon rebushed control arms, tension rods, sway bar and rack bushings.
Wheel and Tire
1986 Nissan Turbo - Grey rims with Fulda Carat Extremo 225/50/ZR16's.



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