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Real Red
This car has road racing history in the Pacific Northwest dating to 1979. The car has been run in ICSCC and SCCA events in Washington, Oregon, California adnd British Columbia.

I picked it up in 1989, ran 2 novice races and then completely rebuilt everything. The hideous 3 color Clown Car paint was stripped. I removed 8 layers of paint. Also removed lots of brackets and unused components and eliminated all but the minimum wiring from all the harnesses. The bolt in roll bar was replaced with a full roll cage. Starting in 1990 I ran full seasons with the Conference, and a few SCCA meets.

The car had a reputation as a rolling chicane driven by the previous owner. I changed all that and began bringing home trophies right out of the gate. Running a combined ICSCC/SCCA schedule in 1997 I too the regional title. This earned me an invite to the West Coast Runoffs, but I had run out of money and couldn't afford the tow, let alone the weekend expenses.

The last time I ran the car was at Thunderhill in Willows, California. A fuel pump failure during the race cause a lean condition, burning pistons and fracturing the crankshaft. It has been resting quietly ever since, as I designed and built a new home.

I think it is time to dust it off, build a fresh engine, and get back on track.
1971 Datsun 240Z (Real Red)


Currently the car is without an engine. It has had an L24 with E88 and E31 heads, all with blueprinted SU carbs, and the last engnine I built was an L28 with an E31 head and SU carbs.

Who knows what the future holds.
The car is built to Conference Production specifications, and runs D on slicks and E on DOT tires. Since the class has been under subscribed I also run SPM and GT2. The plan is to go full tube frame, and hang a full widebody fiberglass kit on it. I have a VG30 engine and tyranny I might slip into it also.

Who knows?
The right pedal is all the in car entertainment I need. How about you?



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