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  • zsilkmike ·
    Yes i'm deeper than that, i'm under your skin squid. You'll not sleep at nights just for your hidden conscience.Take some pills.
    zsilkmike ·
    Put those word in reverse squid, that's the real thief never apologising for the mistake you made as if there is no record by the administrator of this web site, now after nearly three months saying that you did apologise. How about a Liar ?I wanted to refund you which would be less than $200 for me having to make a U-turn for you, however i said i'll send the parts back to you and that i'll do for all these bombs for your mistake. Hopefully you'll realize what you've started throwing stuff that backfire in your face. You say i'm a thief i say you're a liar so who is deceitful. I don't deal with that kind of reverse psychology that's for uneducated people in your department. Quit defending straw money and defend the truth you may begin to enjoy it and sleep better. See the parts in the mail.
    73_240zt ·
    You think you're in my head? You think I'm up late at night thinking about you? I just read the message you sent me 30 days ago. That's how much your in my head. For some reason you want to be in my head, that's how much of a life you have I guess. I've apologized for the wrong part mess up, I've waited months and listened to your lies to no avail. I started commenting on your threads making your dishonesty known after 2 months of waiting for my refund. Don't act like that's why you don't return my money. You claim my facts aren't straight and that my memory is shot. I can tell that so many lies come out of your mouth on a daily basis, that you can't keep track of them all. You are beyond stubborn, you are nothing more than a common theif. You obviously do this all the time and have quite a system, and conscience for the operation. You still owe me $200, and I will continue to **** on your threads until you get fed up and return the money that you owe me.
    zsilkmike ·
    No! not at this time. A US Postal money order will do. Is there any other parts you might be interested in ? I have lots of almost any switch or relay if you want to keep for spares. These are no longer manufactured by Nissan.
    bificus ·
    Hi Mike I sent the paypal this morning. BTW what it the best way to remove and replace this linkage so I dont see this new piece break?
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