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  • pdx280 ·
    Only three of the 20+ postings on the Active Topics page are relevant. The site has been completely compromised and over-run with fake accounts and spam postings.
    pdx280 ·
    Whoever's on deck needs to get on to the site and start blocking some SPAM. About 80% of the topics on the Active Topics page are spam. Mostly livestreaming links. I reported a couple but there's too many and nobody responded anyway.
    pdx280 ·
    Hello YUNGSTER. You should be aware by now that the site's Super Moderator, Heroe, has gone bad, disappeared, and is apparently using the site's classified ads and his reputation to steal from zcar members. At the least, I hope that you've suspended Heroe's powers to delete and block posts, and to suspend members. If Heroe decides to come back and wreak havoc, he could cause a lot of problems.

    See this recent thread - http://www.zcar.com/forum/73-off-topic-discussion/347626-plz-read-dirtbag-scam-seller-here-kati-z.html
    Speedyz260 ·
    Hi out there. My name is dieter. Unbelievable but i first saw this website today! I'm the owner of a something special Z260 since 1996. It was then changed in a race car. Since then it was 3-4 times per year on the race track. Dijon, Hockenheim, Mugello and this year on 23, March on the Nordschleife! That was absoluteley the greatest! If you like to see it here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63Ry8QTLps4 kind regards dieter
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