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  • loudmouth zx ·
    hay tony more on the build im now almost done I have been doing the research on the info u gave I also contacted mega squirt an they told me to buy ms2 3.57 I would like to hold on to all stock dizzy witch is vr (magnetic reluctor) I would really like if some one can call with some advise on how to in stall on my current set up meaning one stock coil an stock dizzy. I have now iat/wideband afr
    what else is needed to complete my sensor list. also I have ported the head REALLY good an intake manifold. I also got a 240sx tb with tps free came off automatic how would I install it on the intake an pigtails? sorry to keep hitting u up like this but I have found that some of the info on net is some what informational but cant get direct answers. here is my phone 831-613-2548 im also looking for stock turbo manifold. please give me a buzz to chat about the build an if u know someone else too to help u can give them my number too. again thanks for your time.

    much appreciated from Richard
    TheBob ·
    Thanks. Haven't pulled the front struts yet, anyway. Building up energy and waiting for my knuckles to heal from the alternator swap(s).
    TheBob ·
    Thread is closed, but just wanted to thank you for that link you posted. It is a definite keeper. Info and visuals are terrific, especially before venturing into the (for me) "unknown". I trust no special tools are needed to remove the top lock nut?
    zeeroo ·
    Hi ...I am in LAX ...today Nov 07th ..... staying at the Hilton LAX on W.Century Blvd... Will be around Fox Hills later in evening. Let me know if you are in the area ....
    heroe ·
    Thank you for adding quality information here for so many years. If you ever need anything I may be able to help with, just send a message.
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