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Re: Poor, poor car.

Hehe. that car is in perfect condition compared to my '76 when I bought it for $225.

On mine, the car had been in mutiple wrecks... (pretty straight except for the right front, and even that isn't too bad) ... right front of the frame is bent in 2 places.. (taking it up to my cousin's so he can straighten it at his high school for free.. for one of his projects.)
Also, the left rear is out of alignment... eats up tires like you woudn't believe.. hopefully my cousin can fix that also.

Had a hole in the oil pan, all tires were flat, about half of the windshield was missing. Cats had been living in it, had no exaust system after the manifold, and it does have a bit of rust (on the outside under the doors, it is completely rusted through on both sides of the car). Still getting rust out of the gas tank... It sat for 5 years in the Tucson sun.

This car has been taken all the way to Pensacola, Florida and back from Tucson, AZ. It gets 27Mpg... :-) And it is really fast. (I have done quite a bit of work on it already)

Almost forgot... The fraimrails are in bad need of replacemant... not rusted, just bent to smitherines.

That '72 is by no means a parts car.... Just needs a little TLC :-)

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