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Well, back to square 1. Went and fire down it up this morning. Wouldn’t start without throttle application. Once started would barely idle. 500rpm. Pulled air bypass hose. Idle increased but sounded like ****. Plugged air hose going into bypass valve. Engine stalled. Plugged hose attached to rubber intake boot. Engine stalled.
Pulled pcv hose. Allowed me to plug air bypass hose back together but if I covered the pcv hose the engine would stall.
Removed cover on AFM. It appears any time I plug a hose it causes the AFM to move ever so slightly but just enough to cause a stall.
I’m stumped. Almost seems to be running extremely rich and any increase in the AFM causes a stall.
Guess it’s time to get the FI bible out.

78 280, possible black pearl
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