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Originally Posted by Kraftwerk View Post
Hi everyone,

I have an issue with my ZXT, the car sat for about a year and now it wont run... but it starts (starter turns over), it does run when i spray some start pilot in the air inlet, but stops after a few seconds.

Fuel comes to the injector rail, maybe they don't open, could someone tell me what the correct resistance between the pins on the injectors is, also, how i can test the pulse with a multimeter, (voltage etc.)

I read something abouth the ecu... what pin do i have to check for injector puls on the ecu directly?

Thanks in advance.
The injectors will (should) have battery voltage to one side (the injector is a coil so it doesn't actually matter which side) at ignition on. You could verify that by pulling the connector and checking both sides of it with your multimeter. The ECU applies the ground connection to the other side when it's active. The pulse it supplies is in the millisecond range - probably impossible to see on a multimeter. You might try a "noid" light to make sure the injector circuit is active...

The injector resistance probably matters very little at this point but you may want to check that there is indeed continuity through the injectors.

Could be that the injectors are stuck closed.

Everything on this engine starts with the CAS signal. You can verify the ECU "sees" that signal by watching the LED inside the ECU as you crank the engine. The LED should light at ignition on and go off soon after you start cranking. If it doesn't turn off, you have a CAS or CAS wiring problem.

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