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Originally Posted by dumbestone View Post
There is a condenser shown in the circuit diagrams on both the digital dash and analog (needles) dash, with the wire of the condenser attached to the wire (or alternator circuit bolt if it is not a plug/socket connection) that goes from the alternator to the fusible link.

You should verify this by downloading the "1985 300ZX Factory Service Manual" (Google) to get the file from and look at Circuit1 (digital)and Circuit 2 (analog) wiring diagrams from the file folder list.

Condensers (capacitors) are made to have the positive, in this case center wire, connected to the voltage and the case grounded by the strap and bolt. The internal wraps of foil are separated by a "non-conductive" film to allow a charge to build up between the pos and neg foils.

But don't do it on my sayso without further clarification in your mind.
Thank you again.
I have the hard copy of the 1984 Nissan 300ZX Service manual but I will download the 1985.

It is correct the hanging wire with the female bullet terminal is connected to the cable that screws onto a circuit bolt (10 mm copper nut).

You reassured me, I think I can take it from there.
Hopefully this will also help other forum's members.

Your help is very appreciated.

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