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Originally Posted by seth21 View Post

Only 109K miles. -engine 'sensor' light won't go off even though the ECU reports no problems
this is normal on the 87. I recently had this happen on my own car. so, the sensor light will illuminate after 60,000 miles (timing belt change time) and in order to turn the light off, there is a reset button on a switch box underneath the dash on the passenger side, above and behind the glove box. after another certain amount of mileage is put on the car, the light will illuminate again and the only way to shut it off at that point is to disconnect the wire at the plug under the dash on the driver's side and keep it unplugged from then on.
this was by design. I'm still scratching my head on why Nissan did it this way.... anyways, its all in the owner's manual and FSM.

nice looking car btw. how much are you asking for it? you may get more responses by having that in there.


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