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Hows this for a small world????

ok first background. I bought my Z at some random ghetto car auction in the dredges of San Francisco. It was one of the nicest cars there and EVERYONE tried to bid for it. Luckily I had the most money and I won the auction. while we were waiting to pay for it all these people kept coming up to me and asking me about how much ID be willing to pay, if I wanted to sell it, etc etc. I was kinda worried because the crowd looked shady but everyone was cool about it. I drove off with my Z!

Fast forward two years. Im filling her up at the gas station near my house which is a half hour out of San Francisco (35 bucks a tank! ouch!) and two black guys come up to me.
Guy: How much you wanna sell it for?
Me: Its not for sale
Guy: Cmon I have money
Me: no I love it to much
Guy: You bought this car long time ago at some auction in San Fran huh?
Me: howd you know?
Guy: I was there. I wanted this car SOOOO Bad! Still do. Id buy it from you!
Me: Wow I cant believe you remember that.
Guy: yeah Ive seen this car around town. I recognize it becuase of its license plate. Still a beautiful car! (my license plate says 1COOLZX)

At this point I thank them and they start asking me about it like what options and hows it run and all that kinda stuff.
1) Im amazed he remembers me from two years ago
2) Im flattered he loves my car
3) this makes it like the 10th time someone has offered to buy it off me! haha.

Just thought Id share.

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