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What I did in the engine bay to make sure I didn't mess it up too bad was do one side at a time. I used 2.5" square tube and cut along the pinch weld above the stock frame rails. To make sure the tension rod mount stayed in place I never removed it, I just left it welded to the frame that goes under the floor that I replaced the previous winter.

Next I lined up the new metal and measured across to the other factory rail to make sure I had the new one in straight. I tacked it into place and then welded a piece of 1/2" angle iron on top of it to help tie it into the sheet metal.

Here I notched out the tube with a cutoff wheel and welded in a piece of angle iron to mount the subframe to. I used the spacer that the bolts go through as a template to align the holes.

After that I bolted the passenger side together and repeated the process for the drivers side.

I had enough steel to cut out the front rail and replace that too.

It's POR-15 time!

Now just bolt everything back together!

The main thing I did to stay motivated was set a deadline for the same car show we road tripped to the year before and not tackle too many projects on the car at once. If I got one done I would move on to another so I didn't become overwhelmed. Here are some pictures of me enjoying the car from this summer before I took the rear end of it apart for this winter.

Nothing is too far gone, what do you have to lose anyway?

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