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How I Replaced The Frame On a Budget

Step 1: Purchase a pile of crap for a good price and get in way over your head.

Here I patched a hole as the first thing to learn how to use my craigslist welder.

After gaining some confidence I decided to cut out the whole floor and frame with a 4.5" grinder with a cutoff wheel.

I used a 6'x2' piece of 18g steel and tacked it behind the rocker and bent it to the trans tunnel with a floor jack and tacked it one inch at a time.

I also bent a few pieces to tie the seat mounts back into the new floor.

Here you can see I bent the front of the floor up and tied it into the fire wall.

After that I used 1"x3" 16g tube and placed it on the bottom of the tension rod mounts where I cut the old metal out previously.

Primer time

Enjoy the work you did by going on a 300+ mile road trip with your friends even though you have never driven the car... It was a bad idea but it worked out well for us. I then drove the car for the rest of summer and tore it apart again when winter came.

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